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2019 Forester CVT
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Question 1 As the existing connector is heat damaged, it will have to be removed and a replacement spliced on. Try to find heat sealed butt splice connectors to prevent corrosion of the splice joint. As they are inexpensive you might consider changing the passenger side at the same time.
Question 2. If you want to use a different light source [HID, LED], the entire headlight assembly should be changed to properly control the light so as to not blind on-coming traffic and to get the max effect from the new light source.
Both HID and LED require controls that are not present in a vehicle that was equipped with halogen lights.
There are higher light output halogen bulbs in the standard wattage, that give better vision at the expense of shorter life. Higher wattage bulbs may cause damage to the wiring [hence the high temp sockets at Rock Auto] or to the plastic headlight structure.
Hope this helps.
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