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Help Fitting JDM Forester STI Front Seats w/ OEM Airbags

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Hey everybody, firstly let me just say i've been searching and found some helpful info online and threads here but i'm hoping someone can really point me in the right direction and offer me some real knowledge with some pictures, something i can follow along. So many of you have some real skills and speak to how easy what i'm asking his, i've got a few but when it comes to messing with air bags i'm very timid. Intro out of the way, I have an '08 FXT and just picked up some beautiful "03-08 Subaru Forester SG9 STi OEM JDM Forester Sti front seats" there are complete. so i have my original fully intact non power'ed seats and the complete JDM seats, i want to reuse my oem air bags and move forward safely with no codes left on of any kind. with all 4 seats laying in my garage ready to be taken apart and retrofitted can someone offer me something i could follow? Would someone whose done some succesful seat air bag swapping be at all interested in meeting up for a little wrenching (near the poconos, pa)?
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Perhaps the STi seat installation write ups in my Member Journal will get you started. There are links at the bottom of each post to related write up posts. :wink:

Also, we didn't have to mess with the air bags on the STi seats we installed in our Foresters, that part of the installation was "plug & play".

My Birthday present - '05 STi seats! - Part 1


['07 FSXT MODding Journal] ['03 X MODding Journal]
thank you kindly, this is super helpful :)
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