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So.. I honestly have a few things i need to be fixed...

2006 Forester
1. There is an engine noise. When i go into higher rpms it gets faster. Till about 1,500-2,000 rpms and then it goes away. (Ive been told a bad lifter)
2. Sometimes when i go into reverse from park it makes an awful noise. It will mostly do it if im on a hill. (Ive been told a pinion gear)
3. When i turn sharply or slowly its like a thud sound being repeated. I have to turn wide. (Also told because the pinion gear or maybe need a power steering flush?)
I drive my car daily. Ive had it for a year now and it only has 120,500 miles on it. It sat for 4 years before i bought it because it had cosmetic damage but its a great car honestly.
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