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2008 2.5X Premium Manual
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Greetings Y’all

Was charging my oil about a month ago and pulled my 2008 up on my lil ramps to get started on what was hopefully to be my last crawl under this old girl.

When I was just about to land the tires on the top of the ramp I start hearing some noise from the clutch.
Nothing as terrible like I’ve had to deal with in other cars that went from barely noticeable to towed in a couple of days.

So anyway I’m done with the oil change and in reverse coming down and now it sounds more pronounced.
Even now when I’m just moving it around the house it doesn’t sound that bad but I’d like to know what anybody thinks about how it sounds.

I made a video with the windows down and marked bellow most of the times where I could hear the noise the most.


The mechanics I’ve talked to are telling me it’ll be a 7 hour job. I found the parts on Rockauto for about $150 which comes out to about $600-650 for complete overhaul.

The car still drives great though, so I’m just curious how long I’ve got before it starts getting worse.

Right now I don’t see anyone having an issue taking the car home 3-4 hours or more away.

What do y’all think?
Does it sound that dang bad that I have got to fix it now?
I’ve done so much work on this car in the last year that I’m just done and broke with having to repair/replace anything else.
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