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Help buying a 2012 Forester

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Got what seems like a great offer on a '12 Forester from good people through my network with surprisingly low mileage for its age at 61K miles. The Kelly Blue Book value for this vehicle is $11K, which seems fair to me. The interior and most of the exterior look great, considering it's a 9-year-old car.

However, after ~8 winters in upstate New York, it has developed some rust on the undercarriage (photos below), which I've been told is normal and to be expected anywhere with lots of road salt seasonally.

Can anyone tell me how much rust is too much rust? For context, this is my first time buying a car and I am learning as I go about what to look for and avoid. Does this look concerning to you? Any opinion welcome! And any advice on what to look for in-person and/or best practices before purchasing would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!



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Looks good - and nice low mileage. A lot of used cars need $500 - $1000 right off the bat for brakes, maintenance, overdue maintenance - just a budget awareness for you.
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