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My friend has a 2008 2.5 NA AT LLBean trim.
His headlights are COMPLETELY out. No DRLs. No Low Beams. No High beams, nada.
Parking lights and dash illumination are working.

Here is what we checked so far:
1) No fuses blown and check OK with multimeter.
2) Separate H/L relays in fuse block in engine bay do not have voltage at coil contacts in block when relays are removed.
3) When H/Ls are switched on the relay behind the glove box does work - you can hear/feel it actuate. When removing and checking this relay with meter, 1-3 NC (DRL) contacts work but 1-5 N.O. (H/L) contacts don't make when energizing coil contacts 2-4. I am thinking that perhaps the meter didn't have enough current to overcome minor debris on the contacts.
4) No voltage is present at low beam H/L terminal. I thought the way these cars were wired, voltage was always supposed to be present and the H/L stalk control switched ground to complete the circuit?!
5) Ground is present at low beam H/L terminal.

What could be causing lack of voltage supply to H/Ls and 2 H/L relays in fuse block in engine bay?! The larger amperage fuse components in the block look intact. There are no other electrical problems in the car. It has not been worked on recently. The headlights just went out suddenly.

It would probably help if I had wiring diagram specific to 2008. :icon_redface: :icon_biggrin:

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