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2007 MT XT
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Hey everyone,
Have been reading some of the info here for a couple of weeks, and finally purchased my own Forester to enjoy. It's a Black 2007 XT, wow is it fun to drive. It pretty much stock, the last owner just put in quite a bit of electronics, that I'm not to fond off so I've been slowly ripping it out.

All in all a great car, I'm not sure my dog Riley agrees, he gets thrown around a little when I'm having some fun with the turbo ;o). Fit's all the gear when heading out to the rockies for some mountain fun, thou a little noisy on the highway.

Cheers, Mike

Thanks for all the great info on this forum, and I love what many of the other forum contributers have done with their cars. I would post some pics but I first need to post some more.
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