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Hi Everyone,

I am from New England and I am new to this site, I figured I read the forums on here enough to create my own account finally. :grin2:

I have a '04 Forester and a '08 Forester. My 2004 is my soul mate and love of my life, best car ever (perfect car) but its on its way out due to rust rot and compounding issues. Therefore I just bought an upgrade- my '08 Forester this past summer. Anyway my 2008 just blew its head gaskets after only putting 4,000 miles on the car and now I'm in the pit :frown2: . I will probably be visiting these forums a lot more to help gather advice.

I love Subaru Foresters because they're fun to drive and last winter I drove 20+ miles home during a blizzard (with feet of snow on the ground before it was plowed) and made it home just fine. I also dog sit and all the dogs I bring into my car love it. I have yet to bring my Subaru camping though, and its still on my bucket list!

I can't help but daydream about selling my '08 Forester once its gaskets and timing belt are replaced for an older Forester, there is just something I adore about them >:)
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