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I am new to the Forester and relatively new to Subaru. My Fiance bought a 2013 WRX Limited back in May 2013, but after a few attempts at learning to drive standard she gave up. I let her drive my car (2011 Ford Edge Limited Awd) and I now drive her WRX.

How I got here:
The lease is up for my Edge at the beginning of March. I stopped into my local Subaru dealership because the front and rear bumpers are starting to drop. While in there I ran across the salesmen we dealt with for the WRX and got talking to him about the Forester. A few minutes of chat turned into me sitting in a XT Premium they had in the showroom and I was impressed, except I get loaded vehicles so I wanted to see a Touring. They are also a GMC dealer and I noticed they had an Acadia Denali so I asked if I could see the inside of it. On our way out to that I noticed what looked like a Touring XT and it was. It had come in while my salesman was out for health reasons the week before and he didn't know it was even there. I went for a test ride and then brought my fiance down so she could drive it as well. We were both very impressed. This was on a Thursday, I wanted HID headlights and a moon roof. The only way to get that was the Eye Sight package and the XT they had didn't have it. They were able to locate one in the color we wanted. That dealer was called Friday Morning and the car was delivered Saturday afternoon. Today they got it all ready and this evening we stopped down and I did the paperwork and drove away with it. They bought me out of my lease and threw in a few accessories.

We both loved my Edge, but Ford dragged their feet on releasing info for the '14 Edge and the dealers still don't have lease info for them. The dealership I leased the '11 Edge from has been bought out and the new owners do things much differently. The dealership is great except for parts and service. The Edge was fully loaded with Sync & My Ford Touch etc. It has the 1 & 2 memory buttons and part of that is the mirrors move to the programed location etc. Well after about a year and a half the motor in the passenger mirror stopped working. I had to fight with the service manager to change out the mirror as it would still work by playing with the mirror toggle. I finally got them to do that and then the parts department couldn't be bothered to call me and let me know the part was in...
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