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You may have seen a few posts from me here or there as I am trying to sort out this new Forester of mine, but now it has come time for my introduction post ...

I am a new father of a 6month old girl (my first) and I figured it was time to swap out the old car for a new one that would be a tiny bit more family friendly. I just sold my 02 SVT Focus that I had wrenched on quite a bit and so it was difficult to find something I felt was a good compromise. This is what led me to the forester xt. Not only does it have some hustle and AWD, but now I can easily sling the kiddo in the back seat and I also get to access roads and trails that I wouldn't do with a focus on go-kart like suspension.

I ended up picking up an 04 Forester XT w/55k miles for 12,500. The clutch was slipping, so that was just replaced and I did all the fluids. Last week I had the foz tinted (20 sides / 30 rear window) and got some new tires put on - Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S's. I have a K&N drop in panel and the snorkel mod done already.....all within the first 3 weeks.

This week I will be receiving new Hawk HPS pads and Centric rotors and will be doing them next weekend along with some DOT4 fluid.

Here's a pic of her as I got her (yeah, missing a badge):

I don't have any pics of her dressed up, but I did take the wife and kid for a hike today and grabbed a pic and vid while I was out there ...

The first stream crossing:

I'm pretty stoked on the foz thus far, esp after romping around off road a little. This is going to be a fun family ride, for sure.

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Hey Jason, I'm sorry it took me so long to respond to your PM, I didn't get an email notification. Try me via email, as I'm not on here as much anymore! Had to retire the Foz from dirt duty to save him from more wear and tear. Lets just say I beat the living **** out of him and he manages to keep running....
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