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Hello, looking at getting a Forester very soon

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Hi everyone,
I am Matthew from Dorset, in the UK. I am going to get a forester pretty soon (probably 2003-2007 sort of range, 2L Naturally aspirated Manual), currently looking at a few. Wondered if there was a thread on here somewhere about general things to look for when buying a second hand Forester? I don't know if there are particular patches susceptible to rust or things to look for. If someone can link such a thread that would be super. Otherwise I can start a thread in general.
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@Zannu welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

If you have questions about Foresters you're interested in purchasing, you can create a thread here: Forester Shopping :wink:

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Thanks for linking that area, I had not spotted it.

I did see that message, but can't say much as I don't yet have a forester. Just looking for one.
If your Forester purchase questions are location specific, you can post your question here: Europe :wink:


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