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welcome from Washington! I have a question and couldn't figure out how to post, so i'll put it here:

I bought a 2018 Forester and it soon developed 'rattles'...the dealership had the car for nine days and said it was fixed...driving home, there were the same rattles. During the summer, i had the window down so didn't hear them as much. I've found the radio speaker rattles (not when the radio is on) and the plastic covering the speedometer rattles--if I push down on the cover, it stops, which is strange because it's all one molded piece....the center 'gas mileage, date, time, etc.' plastic also rattles, and if I push down on the 'cover', it stops, so I think it has to do with the plastic facing. I hate to drive an hour to the dealer and leave the car again, but, darn, it's a 'new car'....
anyone else have rattles in their Forester?
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