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2001 Subaru Forester L 116k
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I'm excited to join the forum and have to admit this is my first automotive Forum after owning multiple foresters and other Subarus through out the last 16 years of my automotive/home-mechanic journey...

I'm an avid mechanic and love to learn, take on new challenges, and trouble shoot whatever life can throw at me, especially my vehicles!

I've owned multiple Subarus, the first a 1993 Loyale then a 1996 impreza wagon, and now I'm on my second Silver 2001 Forester L with auto trans and rear drum brakes which I purchased in '08 through ebay for 2k. Car came with light front end damage, a couple bent valves, blown head gaskets and a salvaged title... I rebuilt the car and sold it to my grandfather in '09 for what it cost me, a total of 5k. Last year at the ripe old age of 85 he decided it was time to part with the car and accept that he will no longer be driving and so I bought the car back from him for 3k!

During the time he owned the car ( it sat in the garage for 10 years and added hardly 10k...) During the period he owned this car I bought my second 2001 Subaru for $800 dollars with 100k on it, that was 6 years ago this year. It needed cooling fan relay and eventually a new rear sub frame, your typical Vermont Subaru forester with rusted quarters (which I fiber glassed & painted) and very annoying fuel filler issue which I never resolved that wouldn't allow you to "full throttle" the gas pump or it would auto stop and click out of position. This required me to mindfully attend the pump with each and every fill up ( which invariably helped me learn how to meditate!). I drove that car up to 250k before retiring it to my cousins subaru salvage yard last fall upon purchasing my present forester back from Grandpa...

Anyways, now I'm sporting my favorite Silver 2001 Forester L rebuilt by yours truly in '08. This car being originally from New Jersey and not driven in VT winters is in excellent condition and I intend on keeping it that way!!

That is my reason for joining this forum and I look forward to learning a great deal from you all and sharing what I've learned with others as well.

Cheers to the 2001 Forester!!!


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@silvrbitcoin welcome to the forum from Oregon!

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