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Hello all.
Congrats for the forum.
I´m from Montevideo, Uruguay. Summer is coming. Nice.
So sorry for my english!

I don´t have a Subaru yet, i have had a Legacy 1993 2,4 AWD some years ago, and was very very happy with it.

Now, i'm planning to travel around South america with my family, and i want to buy a Forester to do this trip. A bit of camping ( may be a roof tent) and a bit of hotels.

So this days, i'm reading, and learning a lot about models and off road capabilities.
Here the used cars are very expensive, ridiculous.

So i need to choose very well.

Later, i will need your advice, about that.
Meanwhile, i will continue reading.


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@foliver welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:
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