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Hello from the Boston, MA area

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Hey guys, new here but not particularly new to Subaru. I recently got an 02 Forester not too long ago and found myself coming here more often than not for information. I am a member on several other general subaru forums as well, but my searches kept landing me here, so i finally decided to sign up.

A little background: I got the car back in August from a friend of mine. Within 200 miles of ownership, the crank pulley decided to walk off the center piece, cutting into the timing cover and pretty quickly ceasing the car and ultimately bending some valves. I pulled the motor, my buddy paid for the machine work on the heads and I put it back together. For the most part, all is well now. When i got the car it was in need of just some corrective fixes. The person who owned it prior to my buddy and I was a mutual friend of ours who really didn't have the mechanical skillset to do the things he did to it or take care of the issues that arose as they did. As of the now the car runs and drives great. It had an outback motor in it which has a different intake manifold and throttle body setup than that of the forester. I basically got everything back to a stock setup for the motor. Changed out whatever horrible coilovers he had on there for some WRX take-offs (still need to do the saggy butt spacers). He had a magnaflow exhaust on there which i wasn't too fond of so, to date, it is off the car and i'm actually waiting for Subtle solutions to ship out the mid-pipe i ordered last week so i can slap on an STI axleback. Anyway, that's where I'm at... thanks for having me.

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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:


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