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2009 Forester XT
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Well after months of looking for an XT I finally found one that was a decent deal and even came with all the service records (thank you for old responsible couples). Recently I was in an accident and required a bigger vehicle to carry around my walker and wheel chair, hoping it temporary. After discussing with my wife we didn’t need a huge SUV I convinced her how awesome and spacious the foresters were and if we got an XT I wouldn’t mind driving it ;). First mod I decided to do was change out the grill and swap the front emblem for the F. Next I got the itch for slightly more of a get up and go and got the Cobb stage 1+SF. after a solid week of searching I found out there was a factory underlip that made it appear slightly more aggressive. Got the part number and tadahh today I finally got it in the mail.

while searching for the part number I stumbled across this site and here I am. This is the car as it’s parked now. Keeping the lip off until I can get it color matched. Have a good weekend!
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