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Hello from So Cal

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Hello everyone! I recently purchased a 2003 M/T Forester. I have always loved this body style and wanted to get one to make into an adventure vehicle. My Dad had an '81 Brat that the family put over 300K miles on. I also had an '83 GL Wagon that I put 260K on. Both vehicles were in Wisconsin and eventually were taken out by the road salt. My Uncle actually fell through the floor boards of my GL. :smile2:
Anyway I have a class C RV that I travel around Southern California and surrounding areas. I wanted something to get me a little farther away from cell coverage. I want to order a lift kit and am currently researching options. I scored some wheels and tires and a rack off of CL for a great price. Just getting started and excited to be back in the subie world.
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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:


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Greetings from orange county
Greetings from a bit further east in Riverside Cty...
Guess I should specify, I am in Orange County as well. San Clemente to be exact!


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