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2004 Forester XT
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Greetings from the D.C. area, home of the snowpocalypse. Definitely Subaru weather here.

We've had our 2004 Forester XT for a couple of years and I have been lurking in the forums on occasion. With only 45,000 miles, the car has been pretty reliable (until now) with only the odd minor issues like wind noise and such.

We have a question on independent shops that I will post in the appropriate forum. Am looking forward to being able to contribute to the forums if possible.

Some background: I worked at Ford Motor Company in the early 1990s as an engineer (SN95 Mustang program) and also have owned some older German and Japanese (non-Subaru) cars. Frankly, I don't have that much experience working on Subarus mainly because I am not the primary driver of the vehicle, although I wish I were!
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