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01 forester
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(grr 13 post to go for pictures)

thought I'd stop by and say hello and thank you for the great website.
01 Auto SF Forester L model here in the states.
picked up this Forester few days ago. Has around 166,000 miles on it.
Body is in great shape. interior is nice. I love it.
I had an 86 Brat new when I was a kid. totaled it in a year in a half.
pissed my parents off to no end.

Think this one has the head gasket issue will know more in a few days if coolent level goes down. And do get a faint smell of coolent on the right side of the engine. oh yes and it does come with an oil leak.

Washed the car and cleaned the engine compartment. Made the mistake of leaving keys in the car. and the doors locked on me. (wife wasn't happy coming to the car was with the spare key)

Then 2 hours later went on a beer run. left the keys in the car, and yes it did it again. (wife was more pissed about the beer run that time)

After I get the engine cleaned and in a non leaking mode, my goals are a desert rig, for out here in Nevada. Spring lift and a block lift on the struts. Nothing to big, maybe total of 2 inches. and a coupe of running lights hidden behind the grill and a wench for the times I get stuck.

About me, Married, 40 years old. 4 kids, (that I know of). suffer from OCD, and ADD. So basicly I get obsessed with a project then immediately bored with it. I'll take a project on and learn to do it and move on to something else.
currently working on an 89 civic, and now the 01 forester.

But I do like to make knifes. Drink beer. Shoot rifles. Prepair for the future zombie wars. camping hunting, ect.......

so here is a bunch of pictures of all the stuff I tend to get my self into.

So Hello and Thank you for reading my rambling thoughs.


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Bienvenido from the Mission.

Congrats on the new ride. And that was a great post btw, hilarious, especially the part about the "four kids-- that you know of." :lol:

Good luck on that HG issue. I hope it works out. I might bug you about a good .308 rifle in the future, see if you have any good recommendations (under $800).

Best, Andres

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Welcome to the boards John.

If you need any odds and ends for your new ride let me know. I have parted out a couple of SFs and one in silver, so I have a bunch of misc parts along with some of the bigger stuff.

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