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2019 Sport w/ Opt 24 pkg CVT
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Hello everyone! I just bought a 2019 Forester Sport with the Option 24 package (the one that adds the 8" multimedia plus, the power liftgate, the Harmon Kardon upgrade, and the extra safety tech). So far, so good! This is our second Subaru after a long line of Toyotas. Our previous Subaru was a '97 Outback, RIP.

I am coming from a Toyota Sienna van that was horrible in the winter driving wise when we had ice and snow and really cold temps, but was mechanically perfect and never had a single issue, so here's to hoping this new Forester can be equally trouble-free! I am considering going with the Gold plan from Luke just in case (I did a little homework on that).

Initial thoughts are that it is at least 100x better in the snow and on ice than my van was, and the extra ground clearance is helping a lot too. I can feel the 1000 pounds lower weight is helping in turns and stops, along with the AWD helping a lot on inclines and in deep snow and on ice.

My initial gripe is that that AM radio stations are so much lower in volume than FM or XM that it makes my heart skip a beat if I forget to turn the volume way down when switching from AM to FM or XM. I hope this is software fixable eventually! Also, Android Auto has glitched once (the app icon was grayed out earlier today), but that did not repeat this evening so I'll be watching that.

Otherwise, it is a fantastic vehicle that checked all the boxes for my current needs.

I'm looking forward to participating in this forum!

Thanks for reading,

- DJ :thumbsup:
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