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06 XT Luxury Manual
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Hello from East Coast Australia,

I sold my 98 WRX after owning it for 10 fun filled & reliable years to purchase my 06 XT Luxury Manual (SG9) and i could not be happier. The mature XT removes the stigma of being classified socially as a boy racer, hoon and/or menace while still holding some of the impreza performance.

Law Enforcement no longer look @ me in surprise the same way. From "we are going to find something to make it difficult to keep you off the road where you will no longer be a danger to other road users", to "you are driving that soft roader and do not have a greying beard?". Stereotypes? - sigh.

No more trivial incidents where my vehicle is deemed defective, although it was meticulously maintained both mechanically and cosmetically ensuring its roadworthiness. By trivial i mean the not intentionally loud 3" Turbo Back Custom Performance Exhaust registering 100db @4500rpm, atmosphere BOV catching the overzealous Law Enforcements attention, then giving them a reason to scrutinise the other mods like 11" Momo SW, Boost Controller, Strut Bracing, Suspension etc. to name a few.

The best scenario of all was one Vehicle Inspector arguing with me about the SPOT lights on my WRX being too big and insisting i remove them thinking they breached Australian Design Rules. They were the OEM Fog Lights!!!! hahaha. I insisted that if he does not pass my car, he will need to remove every vehicle which has fog lights off Australian Roads. He was still arrogant and thought he was right even when discussing this with my local Subaru Dealer/Service Centre and then he reluctantly passed my car. I still find this hilarious!!! haha. Enough of my rambling and reminiscing.

Keep up the great work with this resource and look forward to sharing knowledge and experience in the future.


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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Post up a picture of your '06 XT so the members can look it over. You're required to have 15 posts to link to a host (to prevent spamming), but you can attach pictures (thumbnails) now. :wink:

If you're into MODding, make sure you start a Member Journal before you get too many MODs. :smile:


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