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Hey guys! I joined about 2 weeks ago but have just been lurking and learning for a bit. Finally I've decided to introduce myself.

My name is Jimmy. I'm a mech engineering student from LA looking for a Fozzy! I've decided it's the vehicle I want. This will be my first Subaru. 60% of my engineering friends own Subies and I see why: Great motor, great drivetrain, great safety, and great reliability.
I'm currently searching for a 03-08 XT. If anyone knows of one for sale within 500mi of LA that has the sunroof and a manual trans, let me know. I want it! I'll be leaving my old '95 4runner in the dust.
My future plans for it will include swapping many STi components, and eventually taking it up to stage 3.

Nice meeting you all!!! I can't wait to get mine!


I finally managed to find one in California!! (5MT XT's are unicorns here). Unforunately, this one does not have the giant pano roof.
This is my first manual and first turbo car.

It has several modifications
- Accessport V2
- VF43 turbo
- Cobb catted downpipe
- STi catback
- Grimmpseed uppipe
- Forester specific Swift springs
- Koni inserts
- Cobb front and rear sway bars
And a many other little bits and pieces.

It's so hard to resist the temptation to boost. It's soooooo fun. I burned nearly half a tank driving around yesterday.

A little backstory, back in August, I was with a friend who was picking up an exhaust for his bugeye wrx and I actually met the owner and saw this car in person before I even knew what it was. After that I started doing some research and was hooked! I guess it was meant to be!

I have several planned mods that I may start a journal for.


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Welcome to the forum! Good luck in your search, I really wish I would have bought an XT when I bought my Forester.

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Welcome to the forums from Western PA. Hope you find what you are looking for. Either way, Enjoy the ride :)
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