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2006 Forester XT Limited 5MT
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Hey everyone,

Just signed up after I bought my 2006 Forester XT 5TM, owned it for a total of two days and I really like it, a few things need to be addressed but overall I'm glad with my purchase.

I was originally looking at 2008+ WRX hatches but they were pretty boring and everyone has one around here.

Anyways here she is, fitting that the day I get it we get a few inches of fresh. Came from the dealership with the plastidipped wheels (They plastidipped over the lugs and tires too...), otherwise 100% bone stock 1 owner car.

This thing is going to be a murder mobile in no time. First car related purchase is tint, I feel like I'm riding in the pope mobile there is so much glass!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts