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Just added a 2019 Forester to my collection (bought a 2008 new in 2007...its retired but can still maneuver and fight if it has to with 310,000 miles on it) and a 2004 Frankenforester assembled from three separate Foresters...with 210,000 on it and still inspected, though its subframe and rockers are suffering from casual structural integrity (hence the reason for the new MIG welder and a 4x4 foot slab of sheetmetal and some mild steel in 3/16 inch variety).

So...I guess I can officially be called, mildly, a Subaru fan.

When purchasing this "key lime hillbilly limo" I told the finance mafioso at Twin City Subaru that I'd explored other options, but in the end "I came running home to Mama," uncomfortable with the local Toyota dealership or the cruel and ambitious people at Jeep.

My first effort at longevity will be undercoating the whole beastie with CRC 06026 Marine grade corrosion inhibitor. I'll probably buy seat covers too.


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