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Hi everyone. I'm tonyM, I'm new on the boards, but not new to Subaru's OR the car world. I live in Minneapolis MN and am an officer in MNSOC. (Minnesota Subaru owners Club) I am the Marketing Director for our club.

I just picked up this FXT. I have a lot more plans for it, but this is how she sits currently. I've owned her for about 5 days now. Gone through 2 tanks of gas and am loving every minute of it. Well, I hope you all like, and I'll see you all on the boards!

2004 Subaru FXT

Cobb front and rear sway bars
kartboy rear endlinks
aftermarket front endlinks
Swift springs on forester struts
primitive skid plate
Cobb catback
turbo xs down pipe
Greddy headers
catless up pipe
ESx top mount intercooler
GFB Blow off valve
STi hoodscoop
STi front seats
Cobb adjustable short throw shifter.
Dealer option gauge pack
Trailer hitch and harness
4500k high/low HID's
3000k yellow fog HID's
Perrin inlet hose and after maf hose.
Prodrive 17" wheels
Auto start
Stainless brake lines
Cobb Slotted rotors

I'd post pics, but I have to get my count up before that happens. :catfight:

Check back soon!


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Welcome to the forum from KY. Sounds like you have a nicely modded XT.
Thank you. I purchased it from a good friend of mine, so I know the history quite well. It is a fun car with loads of room. Which is why my wife agreed to get out of my WRX. She said I needed something practical.

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Welcome. Sorry to say, not a fan of those gauges... They look too dull. :icon_confused:
Its the dealer gauge option. Not quite defi gauges, but they do the job. :biggrin:

Out of the many posts, this one attract my attention.
I believe it is possible for anyone to participate.
Excellent ! I like it very much.:mob:
Thank you VERY much! I'm loving my car more and more every day.
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