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2002 Forester S

So, if I move the fan speed lever all the way to 4 it sticks and refuses to move back. I also have to jiggle it to make a contact and start the fan motor - pretty sure the speed is not set at 4 either. Randomly, I can switch it back and have working fan speed 1 & 2. Since the switch physically sticks I'd say it's definitely not a problem with the fan or anything else electrical up the line.

Purchased part # 72340A. Before I start disassembling the dash to get at the back of the panel, are there any tricks I should know? Does this 72340A switch just disconnect? Any other parts I should have gotten? The diagram is very poor at conveying information so I'm not sure how it all fits together back there. I'm thinking the knob and slider might have a whole other assembly that is the actual culprit.



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That document from the Subaru technical service manual describes the procedure to release the control cables. Once the cables are released, you can remove the control panel. That will give you access to the fan control. :wink:


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