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So. Finally after a defective first headunit and many more setbacks. I am pretty much done with my stereo install.

1) took spare and all styro parts in trunk area out.
2) vacuumed and wiped down all areas.
3) used "PEEL and SEAL" instead of dynamat and applied using a heatgun, tennis ball and gloves. I did 2 layers.
4) i made the custom wood interface the sub and amp are sitting on (12" Alpine Type R and some no name crap amp)
5) wired to the headunit and used a bolt holding on the bumper (sanded down with a dremel) for ground wire

The headunit i used is a Pioneer Avic D3. I was gonna do a write up on the install. but there are so many on here. there is no point. you guys are smart and can find them.

For those concerned about the smell of the peel n seal. yes. it does smell like tar. i was really worried that the smell would stay. luckily it dissapeared after about a week. when parked in the garage, i just left the windows down to air the car out. I can tell the car is noticibly quieter. that along with lining the inside of the window jams with the vinyl tube worked well.


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Love the tennis ball idea, I will be stealing that when I go to do my rear hatch area.

The install looks great. I wish I had the balls to take out my spare tire, imagine the possibilities! Knowing my luck, as soon as I remove it I will be in the middle of nowhere with a flat, and my phone won't work.

Enjoy it!

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