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2002 Forester S
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Hello all. I've never posted here, but have looked here on many occasions for help. Thank you all in advance!

I have a 2002 Forester S, auto trans, and a few weeks ago, the headlights would not turn on. Along with the headlights, the instrument panel lights, shifter light, and climate control lights do not come on. The rest of the lights that would be on with the headlights off, such as the odometer, clock, and radio lights come on (clock and radio do not dim as they would if the headlights were on.

After driving about 20 minutes, the lights came back on. They worked intermittently for about a week, and now seem to be off, and not coming back on.

What I've done so far: checked all fuses, checked the headlight, fog light, and tail/illumination relays, replaced the headlight switch. Nothing has helped at all.

Has anyone had a similar issue or can someone tell me what might be a good next step? Thanks in advance!
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