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Headlight Low Beam Fail...2006 FXT

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Hi Guys, it's been a while since last post - hope all's well for everyone.

Yesterday, a strange fault has reared it's 'dark head'...the drivers side low beam and sidelight failed / passenger side working perfectly, and both high beams light up. Arrived home last night, swapped over the 15A fuses and LH+RH headlamp relay; the fault's still the same/relay & fuses all okay, similarly the driver side bulbs. Have searched the forum but can't find an obvious/common failure point.

Friday afternoon/in daylight I'll complete a thorough inspection of the wiring and earth ground contacts.

Apart from the above, is there a known/common fault the could cause this? Another not immediately common component in the front lighting circuits tucked away somewhere?

Maybe one of you have experienced this fault before?

Any/all help/advice greatly received.

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It could be the ballast resistor in the headlight unit. It gets wet and then the light doesn't work - I believe you can dry it out, and it'll work again.

I'm not an expert by any stretch, but I had the same problem on my nearside headlight a couple of years ago.

Hope that helps... a bit?
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