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Hello From Sydney,

First time poster here...long time lurker!

I have been researching motor oils for a few weeks now and after some digging, have been told of the Repsol Elite Competition 5W40 oil and I was wondering if anyone has fried it in their Fozzie...

I am putting it into a 2001 GT (2 litre Turbo) with 120,000 kilometres on the clock (~75,000 miles)

I would like to use Royal Purple 10W40 but at $100 Aussie dollars for 5 litres it's just too pricey...

So I can get the Repsol, which is a 100% Synthetic oil for about $60 for 5 litres.

Does anyone care to comment on their experience with Repsol?

Or maybe you've got a better suggestion...I'm all ears...


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