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I have just fitted an HDI EBC from Harvey Smith. Anyone who has fitted electrical gear, stereos etc should have no problem installing this. MYKP has an excellent write up with pictures but he has a 97 JDM while mine is a UK 99, a few differences I think. Getting through the firewall on mine was very simple courtesy of Subaru - there is a grommet about 30mm in diameter about three inches to the right of the steering column where it comes through the bulkhead but I'm not sure if Mikes had this access point on the 97. This grommet is finger easy to pull out and will take both the vacuum line and the cable from the solenoid. I slit the rubber with a sharp knife and pushed the two lines through and when install was complete, I fixed the slit with mastik. The hole in the firewall comes into the cabin just above the clutch pedal which routes the cables nicely into the center console. I used the same mount as Mike for the controller, which is really small in size (smaller than a packet of 20 cigarettes, not that I smoke). If the ashtray is removed on the 99 UK, that is a perfect location, accessable but out of sight, and I mounted it using double sided sticky pads on top and dense sponge underneath. The hardest part was working out where to put the solenoid - in the end it's attached to the bracket that holds the OEM solenoid. Apart from picking up power from from inside the center console (the HDI wires are so slim they draw very little current so I just jacked into the battery and ignition wires from the radio) and mounting a boost gauge (vital), that's it, about 90 minutes to 2 hours.
Ok, using it, MIND YOUR LICENSE! The way the boost comes in is very different to the way it did on the stock set up or with the MBC I had before this. There isn't the kick in the pants as before to let you know it's a turbo, the HDI makes the boost come in a smooth linear rush that seems to keep building until you look at the speedo and go sh.t! I'm also getting less bounce between on and off boost from 2800 to 3200 rpm which makes motorway driving more relaxing. The lower boost setting only allows me to go down to an indicated 0.45 Bar but the upper setting is as far as you want and into fuel cutoff but that's ok because you can back the boost level off from your seat if cutoff happens. MYKP fitted his to improve fuel consumption on long runs using the lower boost setting and he got an amazing average of 32+mpg form a JDM auto, including some full boost naughtiness in the Welsh mountains. I will have to wait and see how it works for me.
Harvey is a friendly and helpful guy and I can't recommend this piece of hardware or the seller enough especially as some of the EBCs I've seen, even s/h from Japan are way more expensive. Harvey's charging ST£150 for the SE unit I bought although there is another less expensive one that will be more challenging to fit, plus very reasonable carriage and he follows up on everything once you have contacted him. One of his contacts is [email protected]<[email protected]com> or he's on Scoobyworld, under Harvey I think.
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