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Hard shift btwn gears 3-4 on 4EAT when cold

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When it is "cold" outside (50 degrees or cooler) the 4EAT has an issue between gears 3 and 4. It's almost like it hangs, but there's a loud thump and a jolt in the car.
The issue goes away as soon as the engine has warmed up. However, the car does not drive well after being in traffic (feels like it might stall) and shifting can still be a little rough between all gears, even when warm. It just doesn't make the thud / jolt.

I first noticed this issue about a year ago, at which point I changed the transmission fluid and filter (with Subaru parts). It went away for a few months. It happened again and I had an automatic transmission service done at a Subaru dealer. Issue the issue went away again - this time for a month or two.

The issue is now back with a vengeance. My temporary solution has been to keep the car from leaving third gear until the engine is warm.

Has anyone else had this issue with the 4EAT? If so, what was your solution?
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