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Halogen Lens & Body for HID accessories.

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Hello Dear Members,

I have Forester 2016 2.0 XT, w/eye.
Right (passenger) headlight was broken (everything working, incl. c-shape), but itself lens and tabs are broken.

Wish to purchase "Lens & Body" only and mount all alive accessories to new body.

BUT, "Lens & Body" "for HID" part-number is 2x expansive that "for Halogen".

Is it marketing or are there any real difference?

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p.s. its Touring package.
Headsite is chrome inside (not Silver)
I really doubt that Subaru sells the lens and body separate from the internal components of the headlight. In any case, the housings are most definitely different to account for the LED accent lighting as well as the HID ballast cap and leveling motors.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts