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you must have deep pockets if your rationale to modify your car is for the occasional track or autocross, I buy mods to improve normal daily driving and overall enjoyment of the car every time I get in the car. In normal daily driving there is numerous occasions where you have to apply the brakes hard and I have not noticed a difference.
i wouldnt say they are deep... but if itll shave off a tenth or too, ill buy it. id do more events if work allowed it, but i do @ least 15 auto-x events a season, including about 20+ passes down the drag strip and hopefully a track event or 2 this year. i have 2 other cars i can DD that get better gas mileage and are more pleasurable to drive everyday in NY traffic and w/ crappy roads. i like to drive the forester hard all the time, coming from 3 other modded subies i wouldnt have it any other way.

ps if left nearly stock, the fxt would make an awesome DD - but whats the fun in that?
Rule of thumb is for every dollar you spend to go faster, spend .25 to slow down!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts