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last year my passenger side headlight socket had a melt down due to higher wattage bulbs than stock.
So I cleaned up the contacts taped it back together and it held for a year.
Now, the headlight connectors were "shorting" so I wanted to replace the socket. For two weeks every PepBoys or Autozone I looked in (3) were out of it. Finally I found it at yet another pepboys.

So installation was pretty easy, crimped each wire to the new harness with 18-22 gauge barrel style connectors and it's all good.
Plus my CEL went away during the process.

I would like to get an official subaru socket with OEM clip in back of socket plus a rubber booty for the socket to get it back to OEM quality.
Anybody know what parts those would be?

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Autozone sells a socket that's much better than OEM quality for about $10 per pair. It specifically claims ability to withstand high temperature--the same thing that melted your (and my) OEM sockets.

I've only had it installed for a month or so now, so I can't verify how well it actually stands up. I'm away from home at the moment but will try to post the part number and pictures when I get back.
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