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I have had a Gt forester for about 6 month and the whole time it has has a high idle, unlike any other I could find on the forums. I have been trying many things with no luck.

Cold start is mostly normal (sometimes spikes to 2k initially and settles to 1500rpm
Once it goes out of cold start mode and into open loop, it drops to about 1100rpm for a while untill full operating temp is reached. It then rises back to 1200-1300rpm (ac on or off)

Motor is 98-2000 forester or 99 gc8 with the single coil pack of to the side.

related mods
-Process west CAI
-grimspeed up pipe
-3inch turbo back exhaust
-wrx tmic/silicone y-pipe

have changed
-iacv from 2 different motors (1 known working)
-fuel filter
-02 sensor

cleaned all iacv with brake cleaner or workshop degreaser

-Cleaned throttle body and iacv passages
-cleaned maf with maf cleaner (cannot find p# on maf, unsure if genuine)
-adjusted tps to .48v
-throttle cable has small amount of play
-disconnected battery and relearned idle by letting fans cycle without touching the car (all acc off)
-checked for vac leaks, fixed broken pcv cover, no vac leaks now
- all vacuume Lines replaced with new silicone hose
-neutral switch is working
-fuel pressure is 38psi at idle
-run on car fuel injector flush system

The car used to studder going onto boost untill I replaced the 02 sensor and it has run perfectly since then besides the idle problem the whole time.

please if so one can help it would be much appreciated


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