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2002 Forester L 5 Speed
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Last weekend I replaced both head gaskets, timing belt, water pump, valve cover gaskets, etc etc so on and so forth.

I got everything (I think) put back together and the car is running great! I think the valve adjustment helped a lot.

However, now I'm having a weird issue. When I initially fired up the car the fuel gauge read 3/4 tank. Within ~50 miles it was registering less than 1/4 and the warning light would come on upon startin the car and turn off after a few minutes.

Additionally, since yesterday the speedometer has been bouncing around. Sometimes it indicates 25 mph from a dead stop. It fluctuates RAPIDLY with no discernible pattern.

The temperature gauge is also acting up and displays clearly arbitrary readings.

Finally, this morning on my way to work I threw a P0442 code. I tightened the gas cap and cleared it. Haven't driven yet to see if it comes back however.

I've taken a look under the hood and tightened all the grounding points I can see. I also checked all the vacuum lines and they're flexible and seem to be in good shape.

I wasn't able to find anything pertaining to these particular issues through the search function. I'd greatly appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction!
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