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Hey Guys, I had posted on here a while ago, and thought I would give a heads up. When I bought my Forester I had bought an extended warranty, for the first 50K I thought it was a waste of money, now I am really glad I did.
During the summer when I would drive from Ottawa to Brockville, I would notice a grinding noise when I got to her place, usually when I backed up and cranked the wheels to one side. Only happened when really hot.
Well recently pulling into a parking space, I would hear the noise so I took it to a subie mechanic and he confirmed the viscous coupling. Just the part alone is $ 600 CDN so needless to say, I am glad warranty ois picking up the tab.

My Warranty is up in less than 2000 K and while he was doing the work he noticed the head gaskets are leaking.

So here is another to add to the dreaded head gasket issue.
2004 Forester X with 169000 Kms

So I am lucky that I can get this replaced under warranty, too bad Subaru can build the 2.5 with a head gasket / engine design that would last lke the 2.0L or 2.2L

Yes this is a rant, but I still love my Foz :icon_biggrin:
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