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Grill Mods

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Hey after seeing many attractive foresters in the gallery I'm thinking that i would really like to change the grill on my 02 L. Is this the kind of thing that you can purchase (if so where?) or should i mod the existing grill i have? Either about how much would something like this cost and how much skill is needed to install it? Maybe there is another post about this out there if so sry.
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mesh facelift

what he said ^... If any one has a link to a vendor that makes replacement grilles, or does anyone have info on a DIY mesh conversion? Thanks..
Yea i like the way the mesh looks on the 03 and after models but would it be possible on the grill of the 02 model year? if so what pieces would need to get cut out?
my DIY conversion...

a lot of cutting (+/- 2hrs), a bunch of sanding (+/- 1hr) and painting/fitting the mesh (+/- 1.5hrs
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looks very smart though, well worth your time
99-01 your laughing, just need an s-turbo grill as mine

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sport utility vehicle Rim

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for now, I just painted the chrome part with flat black epoxy primer, it looks a lot better, have been thinking about doing something else later, but looks good for now. I will take some pics.
grill facelift

"my DIY conversion"... looks great!!

DOHCammin, pm sent
hmmm i wanna do that but i really suck at cutting and painting very scared to do it ( for now ) but yours looks grea DOHC
hmmm i wanna do that but i really suck at cutting and painting very scared to do it ( for now ) but yours looks grea DOHC
It's really easier than it looks, the only paint was a high temp flat black sprayed onto the aluminum mesh. Cutting is just time consuming, not difficult.

thanks :icon_cool:
does anyone have a picture of it done on the oldstyle 98-02 style grill?
here is a pic of my grille


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looks good! even the stock original grille looks better than ours
Here's a few pics of my grille mods on my MY02 SF5.

that has to be the nicest hunter green forester i've ever witnessed. Nice job.
is it possible to mount the black grille directly behind the silver trim??

I have almost completed one for my 05 fxt , and that is one piece it just has the chrome trim in the front, I guess you could try to cut it all the way around the outside of the chrome then put the mesh in and try to bond it back together???? I think with all the supports and attach points it may be very tricky??
Since you have two, can I have the other one? :)
newb question here..what kind of spray paint should i use on the mesh and what steps do i take to prepare the metal????
i myself am prolly gonna go the cheap way and just put it directly behind the chrome ring
I've always used bbq black on bike parts. Seems to hold up the best to scratches, should be a benefit up front with bugs and rocks and birds and...
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