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2014 forester XT CVT
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Hello everyone and let me tell you I am excited to be part of the Subaru family! :icon_biggrin:

I took delivery of my 2014 Subaru Forester XT Touring in Dark Gray Metallic on 11/12/13 and have been enjoying it since!

I purchased my Forester with the following options:

*Auto Dimming Mirror with Homelink and Approach Lighting.
*Rear Bumper Cover
*Body Side Molding
*Splash Guards
*Moonroof Air Deflector
*Trailer Hitch
*Aero Cross Bars
*Luggage Compartment Privacy Cover
*It came with a nice Subaru rubber luggage tray too.
*Purchased the 4 year 60K Subaru Bumper to Bumper, 0 deductible extended warranty too. That way the whole car is covered for the life of my 4 year loan. I put an average of 15K on my cars typically anyways so this way it is covered.

I will hit 500 miles this week on the Odometer, and averaged about 22.8 MPG on my first tank with a mixture of city/highway driving using Intelligent mode 75% of the time and Sport 25%. I can definitely see how this car could get 28mpg avg. on an all highway trip using Intelligent mode.

I am definitely enjoying Sport mode now on the second tank of Sunoco 93 gas. I have tried out Sport # too and love it on occasion to blast around in.

I will be picking up a Kayak rack over the winter and be ready to rock and roll by Spring! Any suggestions? I was thinking Thule so far.

I am going to pick up some Meguiar's NXT Generation Tech 2.0 Liquid Wax to use in a few weeks when she is ready for her first pre-winter wax.

Any suggestions on some Wheel Wax for the machined finish wheels? I want to protect them and keep them shining during the harsh Northeastern salty winters???

Thank you,
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