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1999 Forester L
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Hi, everyone! My name is Blaine, and after looking for several months, I just bought my first Subaru, a 1999 Forester L. I saw it on Craigslist, and immediately jumped in the car and drove 250 miles one-way to buy it.

The car is a 5-speed, with just under 200K on the clock, but runs like a champ and is in really clean condition.

My home is in the country, and I drive about 30 miles to work each way. I am looking forward to enjoying the benefits of all-wheel drive combined with fuel-efficiency.

I do as much work on my vehicles as I am able, and I like what I see so far on this forum. Maybe in time, I'll be able to contribute a thing or two!

It's great to be here!


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