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Proud owner of a 2004 Forester 5 speed with 153,000 miles.
Exterior is great, interior is likewise.
The only blemish on this old lady are her wheels.
Silver + rust. Ugh.
What are my best options?
Purchase new or refurbish?
Regrettably cost is a factor

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Repainting wheels is really not terribly difficult if you have some spare time on your hands. Without seeing how bad they are I'd take a wire wheel to them to knock off most of the surface rust, then I'd liberally apply iron-x, then use a rust coverting primer (rustoleum rust reformer maybe), then lastly use a wheel paint (Rustoleum high performance wheel).

This is all considerably less than powdercoating...I'd recommend powdercoating if you were working with something other than the mundane looking wheels that came with these vehicles to begin with. If you were going to spend the cost on powdercoat I'd say just buy new wheels.
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