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It will likely be worse than you are expecting.

Body shops always seem to leave something to be desired. Some are excellent at executing the mechanical structural repairs but fail at the paint work(color match, blend...) or the other way around. We have local shops that far exceed our dealers body shop. Comparing other dealers and body shops the rolls may be reversed and the dealers might be better.

Play around online in some of your local automotive forums, doesn't matter what they are for. There should be some threads on those forums of recommended body shops.

I have a list of shops in my area I will use for various things if I don't have the time. Body work is some thing I don't do, as such I have a shop that I have found that has a consistent level of work I am OK with(I'm picky on some stuff) and that lets me know what to expect ahead of time. Via the above method I have also found a couple others that come highly recommended from forum members and have been added to that body shop list.
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