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This weekend I had to chance to get up to fellow member's cottage for a few hours of fun. The weather was perfect: clear, sunny and warm enough so you didn't get cold standing around. I brought my new HD camera with me and shot some videos, they're pretty good for a nice compact cam

Sleds, Snowboards, Snowmobiles and ATV's

Then some of us ventured onto the frozen lake with our cars and did a few laps. There was enough snow to keep the ice from getting polished so traction was never an issue. It was great to have an area to play around and not worry about police or curbs or light standards.

2007 Forester XT

2009 Forester XT

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And wouldn't you know it, a certain someone got stuck. Guess who ?? I was able to get back up no problem but I think I took a slightly different route as well. It didn't take long to "rock" it out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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