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Took some time on Friday to get my spoiler from CarID installed. Installation was fairly simple, in abbreviated form it went as follows:
- held spoiler up to see if the mounting holes matched with the OEM locations, they do
- center punched and drilled from the inside in the middle of the outer mount location. the inner hatch has a recess. used a uni-bit to open the hole up.
- taped the hole locating strips to the spoiler and used the one mount on either side to mount it up temporarily.
- taped down the locating strips to the car and removed the spoiler leaving the locating strips.
- center punched, pre-drilled and opened up the hole with a uni-bit
- test mounted the spoiler and breathed a sigh of relief as the holes I drilled in my car were all correct.
- used touch up paint to cover the bare metal edges of the holes (2 coats)
- used black RTV sealant on the screw holes and around the screws to seal everything up.

Took about two hours taking my time and waiting for the paint to kinda dry (I was in a rush). I also waited a few days for the sealant to set before I washed my car.

The results:
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