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2019 Forester Sport 2.5i CVT
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Grew up with Subarus in my Family -- grandmother had an 87 GL wagon, then an 94 Legacy Wagon. In 1999 I saw a photo of a Subaru Forester in an add in Car and Driver. My mom at the time was looking into getting a CR-V, I showed her the Forester and she went and bought it. That car took my family all over the country for 12 years and 160k. I learned to drive on it. The seats sucked and the manual was way too slotted for my liking, but it was a damn good car. Mom got a 2012 Outback, Step dad got a 2013 BRZ.

I just moved to Colorado after living 3 years in Europe and San Francisco. Needed a new car. Was looking at the Crosstrek when I saw a photo on Subaru's website of a white 19 Forester Sport.
My only reaction was 'How much is that!'

Fully specc'd Crosstrek was nearly the same price as the Forester Sport. Went and test drove one. Loved it (not hard considering I've been driving a friends 2002 Explorer for the past 4 months). Found a Crystal White fully loaded (Option 24) one on a truck on the way to a dealer near me, and pulled the trigger.

Picking up the rig today after having it quarantined till I could get a clear mask on it.

Love the rig. Happy to be back in the AWD Subie family. Hope to learn a thing or two here and share a thing or two. Just wanted to say all of you have helped me so far in making sure that this was a good choice!



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