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Normally I'd throw this in Bargain Alley but figured why not put it in here.
DTD has $50 off any 4 wheels purchased online plus free shipping. They also have $40 off a set of winter tires if anyone's looking for those. Makes for some pretty good deals.

If someone wants a really cheap set of wheels I think they've dropped the prices on some of their MB Motoring models (their house brand). See links below.
16" 5x100 wheels starting at $290 shipped after discount
17" 5x100 wheels starting at $330 shipped after discount
18" 5x100 wheels starting at $410 shipped after discount
Note: some of the wheels in the links (especially in 16") are +38 or +40 offset which will work fine on a Forester but are a little farther out than some like to go to avoid stressing the wheel bearings.

I've never bought wheels from DTD but have certainly been happy with their service when buying tires.

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Thanks for the post Smooth906. We appreciate your support. I might add a few things.

Shipping is free to the lower 48 states and canada so if you are shopping make sure you consider our competitions shipping charges. Also sales tax is only charged to purchases shipped to AZ, TX and OH.

We mount and balance wheel and tire packages for FREE and send them to your door Bolt-On-Ready.

Starting tomorrow we are offering $70.00 off any set of (4) Michelin tires instantly. The offer will run starting tonight at Midnight and will end on Monday the Feb. 2nd at midnight. This offer will be good through, as well as through your local store.

Please let us know if you have any questions we would love to earn your business and appreciate your support here on the boards.

Thanks agian Smooth908!
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