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over the last month or so, i have been trying to identify the noises coming from my rear cabin. At first, it was just a humming noise, a rotational kind of noise that sounds like a part of my tires were uneven or something. I did notice that the sound got a little louder when making a left turn ( meaning the right side going out)... so i jack up the right side and there is no play on that side, so i kind of leave it alone. a few weeks later, i start to hear clicking/ clacking noises coming from the rear and it REAAALLLY bothered me, i jack up the rear of the car and find that there is play in my rear left wheel. so my conclusion is both rear bearings are fried.

so i am going to be taking apart the rear hubs ( both sides) and then taking them to a shop to get a new bearing pressed in for me along with new seals.

questions before i go ahead and tackle this project:

1. Do i need to replace the hubs when i replace my bearings? If so, whats the best choice for a hub ( used?, buying from a online parts store?)? i noticed its kind of hard to find rear hubs for the forester application.

2. what wheel bearings are best for our application, does it matter if i buy the cheaper 40$ bearings as opposed to the more expensive 80$ ones?

3. Any other advice from those who have tackled the wheel bearings on their own would be appreciated
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