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Going on 4th driver side mirror

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Sadly I am having to replace my 2012 Forester's drivers side mirror for the 4th time.
I replaced it once my self and the other was by the dealer's body shop (Their car wash broke the first replacement.)
All that happened this time is that I folded the mirror on a cold day and the pivot broke.

Now my actual question is, Can I replace my mirror with a version with a turn signal in it?
I also know I would have to buy 2 one for each side.

I have looked at threads that added them to existing mirrors but not an OEM part.
Everything I have read is you must add the circuit for the turn signal, it is not in the plug.

The other thing that I read is that the wiring harnesses have all the options in them ie:
adding fog lights, buy the kit and install everything, you just have to cut the light harnesses free behind the bumper.

So which is correct?
BTW, my mirrors are heated.

Any suggestions?

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