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2018 Forester CVT
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Hello everyone,
This forum introduction is brought to you by my girlfriends newly purchased (to us) 2018 forester. I've read a fair bit of some of the posts here and have found a bunch of useful information alreadt so thank you for all the info. This is one of the most well put together forums I've read. I am a nontraditional college student majoring in mechanical engineering. I use to work as a GM certified dealer tech for probably around 7 years prior to going back to college. There really isn't much I'm afraid of or not able to do on most cars. That being said I will be the first to admit I don't know it all and enjoy learning about almost any make,model or type of vehicle. This will be the first Subaru I've ever had or at least will have to work on consistently. I'm looking forward to putting on some accessories and maybe some minor mods eventually. It will be my girlfriends daily commuter so I'm not sure it'll get major mods like a lift any time soon. She upgraded from a 03 trailblazer to a 2018 2.5 premium with around 11k on it last week. I'm a little bummed it's not an XT but couldn't justify it so I won't stew, it's still a great vehicle. She drives about 100 miles to work and the trailblazer was having minor issues here and there, currently i have a multi-function switch and a roof leak to fix on it, but it was time for something new. We shopped around and did a bit of research but i think what did it was when we sat in a 19 forester at the Philly auto show. We just liked it better than anything else that was comparable. I know the 19 is new and not what we got but still so far are really happy. There are some minor issues like a slightly damaged front bumper cover that we'll have fixed and a phone issue I've yet to read enough about to resolve but we are both really happy and excited to be forester owners. The cars101 link was super useful in helping us understand the trim packages and what was available on each. The forester has eyesight and a lot of features other makes couldn't touch price wise. These were really what she wanted on the vehicle and I'm not against stuff that makes things safer.
So yes, I'm here for my girlfriend's new crossover and I found the forum vendors and will be placing an order this week, but having read some of the "required reading material" this seems like a decent place to actually contribute or be a part of. Here's a list of my vehicles.
84 El camino w/ sbc400 swap
92 nissan 240sx w/ sr20VET swap
07 GTI (my dd)
66 f-100 -crown vic/4.6 DOHC swap in progress (it's a shell at this point)
96 suzuki bandit
96 civic (sold)
I enjoy working on cars, riding 4-wheelers or dirt bikes. During the summer a lot of my weekends are spent on the Delaware boating. I'm not to far from NJMP or Wharton state forest. I wouldn't mind lending a hand if anyone needs some work done. I can always use some more car friends. I'll be honest I've read a lot of info on a lot various forums but have never really posted. So I apologize if anything here is out of order. Here's some pics of the new ride!


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